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"53% of Android users and 61% of iOS users discover apps through family or friends" - Nielsen

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Latest research shows that while searching for apps is considered the most common way to discover new apps, word-of-mouth comes in a close second. Nielsen says 53% of Android users and 61% of iOS users rely on word-of-mouth to discover new apps. That's exactly what appslist was created for! Read more. (source: Business Intelligence & AppViewCentral)


Appslist is not just another app sharing app. It's more than that. With appslist you can share apps by letting friends see what apps you have on your Android™ and in turn recommend apps.

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Why be locked down to seeing great apps only in your region? Really? In this day and age? C'mon Google! With appslist you can see which apps are popular worldwide. Our users are showing you what they're using and what's good out there. You can contribute too!

With appslist, you're not simply relying on downloaded numbers from Google Play, you're relying on true word of mouth. Friends can tell you not just what apps they have, but what they actually recommend and use. Also, you can directly overlap and compare apps with each other.


The interface is simple and easy-to-use. To see your friend's apps, simply tap on their name and view their apps. Color coding and filtering helps you compare your apps directly with theirs inline.


With appslist, your friend's lists are always in sync so you'll always see their latest apps.


You can specify what and when you want your friends to see your apps. In addition, friends will always need to ask you permission to see your app list.

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